What is Your Motivation?

When thinking about change we have to discuss exactly what it is that motivates you to achieve your desired state and manifest your new reality. So What motivates you?

Motivation is a theoretical concept which is used to explain our behaviour. Psychologists have had many theories of motivation such as Abraham Maslow who believed that individuals had physiological and psychological need. Maslow developed a model called the hierachy of need to try to explain this.

Your motivation may depend on what your desired state of being is. You may wish to lose weight, quit smoking, start a new relationship, get a new job or start a business. Whatever your desired state of being is and whatever you desire to manifest, you will have a motivation. Using the weight loss example this motivation might be to be more confident, more attractive. You may also want to reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes or a stroke, so whatever you desire is there is going to be a driver.

So what drives you?

Remember in an earlier post I spoke about eco-systems. Currently you are operating and interacting within the eco-system of your current state of being. You have been conditioned over a long period of time to stay within that eco-system. But what is keeping here? Reward! The reward for staying within the eco-system of your current state of being is security. You may see change as hard to do, you might feel that you will fail and that this will be a source of embarrassment for you. So you feel safe and secure.

Despite this you still have a desire to manifest change, in the weight loss example you may wish to lose 2 stones. So now you can see the eco-system of your desired state of being coming into close proximity and this causes a tension inside you or an eco-tone. This is because you are not there yet, you may not know fully how to get there. But you have laid foundations to build a bridge (self awareness etc). You have also started to build the support resources supporting your journey (Changing thought prcesses and attitudes etc).

So now you can see the way is open to you and you can cross your bridge and enter the eco-system of your desired state of being. At first you have to push yourself towards it, this can feel like hard work. This is especially so when you confront an obstacle, remember in a previous post we covered this. You have to find the will power to push through the obstacle using the support resource to help you. But along the journey there comes a time when the desire becomes so strong, you feel you have to get there no matter what! You can now clearly see the eco-system of your desired state and you find that almost magnetically you are being pulled towards you desired state of being and you are not pushing any more. Pull motivation is much stronger as you seem to almost effortlessly get to your desired state and manifest your new reality.

Once there you want to make this change permanent, what are your rewards? In the weight loss example you may feel more attractive, you may feel healthier, more confident. You must now condition yourself to this new state of being to make this change permanent.

So very briefly then, we have discussed an overview of motivation. There is motivation which can be seen as a physical need or a psychological one. You have been conditioned but still desire change. You have been rewarded with security but you want the rewards of your desired state of being. You may have to push yourself but then along the journey eventually you feel pulled towards your desired state of being, until you arrive there. You then have to make change permanent through further conditioning and reward.

Hope this post helped to explain your motivation and how this maybe working both for and against you.

Recommended Resource: ‘Master My Goals’ by Dr Steve G Jones – Click Here

Rhonda Byrne, The Secret & Gratitude

Gratitude is a concept which is often misunderstood. There is a couple of ways of looking at the subject of gratitude in manifesting your desires. Firstly the true meaning of the word being thankful for things. The other is a feeling of fulfillment when you think about those things. So let’s break it down.

Being thankful. So we will take a look at this definition first, to manifest your desires quicker it is said you have to be grateful for them. How is this achieved? Generally speaking you really have to practice gratitude in order to manifest into your life more things to be grateful for. You could try a couple of exercises.

First, Every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep, think of things you are grateful for. Imagine around 5 things as we don’t want to make this labour intensive as this should be something that makes you feel good. Next now that you are thinking of these things in your life how do you feel about them? Really get in touch with the emotion of it. These things should be making you feel good!

Second, write up a list of all things you have had in your life as far back as you can remember along with all things you currently have in your life that you feel grateful for. These could be family, your home, where you live, your health the list is endless if you want it to be. When you write these things down, how do you feel about them? Again this should give you a good feeling inside.

You could then practice the 5 items morning and night. You could also practice re-writing your list regularly but also read it daily to remind you of all the things in your life that you are happy with, feel thankful for etc. Once again when you do these exercises really get in touch with the emotion, you should get a good feeling whenever you do these exercises.

If you are thankful for everything in your life you are much more likely to manifest your desired state of being. Particularly when you visualise it and you really get in touch with the emotion as if you already had that which you are manifesting.

So from this post today you can take gratitude as an important support resource on your journey to manifesting your desired state of being.

Rhonda Bryne is a great advocate of Gratitude in her book ‘The Secret’ – Click Here to discover more

Have a Little Faith

For many setting off on a journey of permanent change can be a daunting one to make. Why? Well because you will leave perceived relative safety of your current state of being. Ask yourself; is it ok to accept the current state? If the answer is no, then it is up to you to change the situation.

What do I mean when I talk about having faith?

Do you think I mean religion? Well…no not really, although if you do have faith in a religion it may help you on your journey. However you don’t have to be religious – so don’t worry! The kind of faith I am talking about here relates to faith in yourself, your determination to manifest your desired outcome, faith in your ability and in your goals.

But don’t worry, because You have the support resources contained within the posts of this blog to fall back on.
So by now you should have been having some success with changing your thought processes. You may even have tried the recommended resource of Hypnotherapy. This should be having the effect of changing your attitude towards the change you wish to manifest into your life. If you haven’t done this by now – go ahead and give it a try!

To manifest the change you desire into your life you should have to have begun the process of changing your thought processes and therefore attitude towards the change you wish to manifest. The reason from this is because many people suffer from lack of confidence, low self esteem, social anxiety, distraction and many other problems. It is important to attempt to eliminate these from your life. You must believe in yourself and your goals in order to be able to achieve them. When you have this self belief you develop faith. Faith that you will manifest the desired change into your life.

Ignore what you may have been told by figures of authority as a child about what you can and cannot do in life. You are an adult now and you are in control of your destiny. Take a little time to change your thought processes, get clear on what you desire and practice the principles of the support resources so you can manifest your desired state of being, move forward on your journey and Have Some Faith!

Recommended Resource: Creating a Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw – Click Here

Now You have to ALLOW Change

What do I mean by that, you have to allow change? Often we as humans can become so bogged down with life, so distracted by day to day things that we either lose focus and go off track. Or we are subjected to ‘Nay-Sayers’ who try to tell us that we cannot achieve that which we have set out to do. The latter can cause us to feel down in the dumps and beaten. With this comes a resistance inside us to our own positive change.

What do you think might happen if this was to occur inside of you?

We turn around and very quickly scurry back to our former state of being, here we might feel safe. That said you will have denied yourself the experience of manifesting your desired state of being. How will you feel when you realise that you have returned to your former state of being?

I guess you may feel defeated, you may blame others, you may feel you had false hope. The reality is though that you are responsible for your own change and personal transformation. It is you who is going to manifest this change into your life and it is you who will fail if you decide to turn around to your former state.

What am I saying here?

Well you have to allow change to happen if you want it manifest change and personal transformation into your life! You have to be open to change, be willing to take whatever action steps are necessary to get you there. Be open to any opportunity so that you can recognise it when it presents itself to you. You have to access the support resources we have discussed in other posts on this Blog. Once you have accessed them you have to practice them daily, success cannot be guaranteed if you don’t. You have to take action in moving forward.

If you know there will be people who disapprove of what you are doing, don’t tell them until you are there and you have completed your journey and manifested your desired state of being. When you do all of this you will find that you begin to allow change to happen and gradually you may begin to notice results.

How fast will these results have occurred had you not taken the necessary steps?

I would think not very fast at all, assuming you started the journey in the first place!

So in this post today your support resource is – ALLOW CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

Recommended Resource: ‘Manifestation Secrets’ email series – Click Here


The Power of Dreaming

We all have dreams, hopes and things we wish to accomplish in life. Sadly we don’t always have a way we can see of getting to where we desire to be. As adults we are told that we need to get real, stop dreaming and take our heads out of the clouds. Even some of the closest people to us will share these views.

But ask yourself a question. How did we get electricity? What about TV, telephones, computers and the Internet? It all started from someone nurturing a dream they had. Yes they failed on many occasions but this didn’t stop them from reaching for their dreams.

There is a power in dreaming.

We have spoken about setting intentions, setting goals and being able to visualise the state of being we desire. Whether that state is to lose weight, quit smoking, start a business, change career or start a new relationship. You see what you are actually doing there is dreaming. So when you have a dream, nurture it, feel it and have faith in yourself and your dreams!

To do this you have to clearly identify what it is you desire. Really have a clear idea of what it will look and feel like when you have attained it. You have to remind yourself on a daily basis and preferably a couple of times a day. You must identify the motivation for this change and ask yourself how much you actually desire this change. You could create a dream board. You can do this by having a dedicated notice board with pictures of what your desired looks like to you. You could even just put this onto your PC as a screen saver. Have pictures around your home in places where you will see them regularly.

Also use the techniques on getting clear, relaxation and problem solving to remove you negative thoughts that may creep in from time to time. Stay focused on the journey and before you know where you are you will be living in the Eco-system of your desired state of being. If you experience low self esteem, lack confidence, have social anxiety or still have doubts, you can change the way you feel by changing your thought processes.

One way of achieving this is through hypnotherapy, like this program – click here Overall remain faithful to your dream, stay focused and nurture your dreams!

Recommended Resource: ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle – Click Here

What Should I do if I Think I’m having Problems?

Often when we attempt change we have a tendency to become lost in the challenge. Remember that up to this point you should already have started to use the resources I discussed in previous posts.

But as a checklist it is always worth checking back at just what has been discussed so far. Over the previous posts I have discussed the process of personal change and transformation, I have discussed this in terms of the ETONE model. The model is based on a social psychology theory called Eco-systems theory.

The model suggests that we all interact within our own individual Eco-systems. When contemplating change we can see another Eco-system looming into view. This can cause a tension within us called an Eco-tone.

The process involves building a bridge across transformation to make the journey quicker and easier to navigate. Supporting the bridge are the support resources, which are:

  • Changing thoughts/emotions (cognitive restructuring)
  • Get clear
  • Behavioural activation
  • Find inspiration
  • Take action
  • SMART goals
  • Relaxation

You should practice all of these daily in order to achieve lasting change. Which brings me too the next support resource. Problem solving.

So what do you do if you feel you’re running into problems with your transformation challenge?

In this post we are going to take a look at problem solving. I have a free resource you can access by clicking here.

Basically you have to name the problem first of all. Next you should ‘brain storm’ all the possible solutions to the problem. Once this has been done you need to shortlist the main list to a workable solution. When you click here you can download a free template.

So now we have looked at a checklist of all the support resources you should be using up to this point and you can add problem solving as a support on your journey to lasting change.

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One resource you should consider on your journey to making permanent and lasting change is how to relax.  Relaxation is very important in clearing your mind, everyone should find at least 5 minutes a day to meditate and relax.

So how do you achieve this state? How will relaxing benefit me? To be relaxed you first of all have to be relaxed in mind to be able to relax in body. The benefits are that you should be able to give yourself some mind space for a short period of time.

We all suffer from bothersome thoughts, in fact we have thousands of thoughts a day. Relaxing will just give you 5 minutes or so to have some space from those thoughts.

To prepare yourself, find a quiet space somewhere you won’t be disturbed with minimal disruptions. Take a bid deep breath in and let it out with a big sigh.

on you next deep breath in count to 7. When you let it out slowly, count to 11. Continue to repeat this process for about 5 minutes. The end result should be that you feel more relaxed. If it helps play some relaxing music.

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How To Write Intentions the Right Way

In my last post I discussed the SMART formula: Stated, Measurable, Achievable, Resourced and Time limited. But how do you write up your goals the right way? In this post I am going to explore how you can do this.

Firstly I said that you state an intention. So again if we use weight loss as an example I might frame it like this: “It is July 3rd and I have lost 12 pounds”. Here I am stating in the present tense. This is because it sends a powerful message to the subconscious mind. The message is that I have lost weight and so this is the direction I am now moving in. If I stated it in the future ie “On July 3rd I will have lost 12 pounds in weight” I am saying that I am not yet moving in this direction and at some point in the future this will happen. The message being that it is ok to continue as I am because in the future I will lose the specified weight.

Does this make sense?

I want to send out the signal that this is already the direction I am moving in. You could also frame it like this: “Everyday I am losing more weight,  July 3rd  I have lost 12 pounds”.  Write your intention down as clearly as possible to help you to manifest the end result much more easily.

Next we should be clear on why I desire this. So ask the question why do I desire this? Don’t force the answer just let it percolate for a short time and the answer will come. Write your answer down but don’t let this be too complex.

How much do desire this? Here write the answer down on a scale of 0-100%. Once you have the answer put it to one side for a couple of hours and then come back to it. Is the score still the same? How do you feel about it? Do you get a strong feeling about it? If so then you have completed that step.

Write down the steps that got you there. It is OK to use guess work here because as you start to move through the steps you can always update you intention.

Once you have the steps think about the intention you have created. Strongly visualise the whole intention from beginning to end and see it in your mind as done. Write down a statement of emotion, how did it feel to see it done? Can you see yourself manifesting this into your reality?

Once you have completed these steps. You want to put the goal to one side overnight. Does it still ring true when you read it back to yourself the next day? If so, you have your intention (goal).

The next phase is to read the goal a couple of times a day and see it happening as if it had already taken place. The best time to do this might be before going to sleep at night and when you wake up. This is because the mind is processing information while you sleep (The reason why you dream).

What should I do next? I would suggest setting a short term goal (no less than 1 week from the time you set it and no more that 3 weeks). A medium term goal (no less than a month and no more than 3 months). Finally a long term goal no less than 3 months no maximum time limit). Once you have achieved a goal replace it immediately with another so that you always have 3 goals on the go at any one point in time.

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No-Nonsense SMART Formula

In the last post we discussed SMART as the formula for setting goals. But before we jump right into that I think we should just review where we are up to.

In the previous posts we have talked about resources. These are your support resources, that support the journey across your bridge to personal transformation. It is important to understand that all of these support resources are essential to use. The idea is that you learn about one then implement and then continue to use the resource while adding another to your bridge building. So lets take a look at what those support resources were that we discussed.

1. Changing Thought Processes (Cognitive Restructuring): In this section I discussed that thoughts affect the way we feel about anything and this sets our attitude. To effectively make change permanent you should look to change the way you think about any given transition challenge. One way discussed that may help you to achieve this was through Hypnotherapy. I suggested that one expert in that field was Dr Steve G Jones (Clinical Hypnotherapist) who has the largest collection of hypnotherapy recordings online. I have used his products and they are really good! So it is important to restructure your thought processes to adjust your attitude towards the change you are about to embark upon.

2. Behavioural Activation (Taking Action): Here I talked about how taking action in the magic ingredient on moving you from one state of being to another. As you begin to take action you are moving closer towards your desired state. I suggested that a way of helping you to achieve this was through an activity planner as this helps you to get organised.

3. Find Inspiration/Feel Uplifted: Make a list of all the things that have ever caused you to feel happy, uplifted or inspired and use these experiences as a spring board towards success in your desired change.

…So this now brings us onto the SMART formula.

What exactly is the SMART formula? Let’s take a closer look:

S – Stated. You must first of all state an intention.

M – The goal has to be measurable. So for example if you have chosen to lose weight you may weigh yourself weekly to see the progress you are making.

A – The goal you are setting has to be achievable within your ability, resources etc.

R – We spoke about resources well your goal has to be resourced. So you have to have available resources to help you to achieve it. So if that is losing weight, then you may have joined a weight loss program, you may have looked at meal planners and you may have joined a gym. This makes that particular goal resourced.

T – Finally we have Time limited. This means that you should look to set a time limit on when the goal will be achieved, again this has to be achievable in the given time frame. However not all goals are time bound eg a life goal – “Today I feel happy, everyday more happiness is coming my way”. With this goal there is no time limit but on goals such as losing weight, quitting smoking etc there should be a time limit as to when this will be achieved by.

So that is the SMART formula, in the next post we will look at how to frame a goal.

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The SMART way to Completely Change your Future!

Do ever find that your future plans are blighted by difficulty? So much so that you give up on your desired  outcomes? Do you see that many people who set off on a journey of change fail?

What if you knew exactly the destination you were headed? You had a ticket printed off and you knew the vehicle that would get you there? Would this be something worth knowing? This sounds like something very powerful, and it is – when it used properly!

Now what I will reveal here today you may think “I’ve heard all this before”. However you should read through exactly what I am talking about and put it into practice. This will ensure that you are giving yourself a chance to succeed in whatever change you are considering.

So if I could show you a formula to achieve all this  and manifest your desired state of being, would that help?

Of course it would!

A word of warning. When I reveal this to people they think they’ve heard it all before, they then don’t practice it in the way that was discussed and guess what? They fail! So it is essential to practice it firstly and secondly practice it as discussed.

You may have heard of goal setting as a way of getting a clear vision of the future. How has this been taught to you in the past? Many teachers advocate taking a plain white piece of card (about the size of a postcard), then writing the desired outcome in a way that places it as a future desire, you set a date and then read the goal every day while trying to visualise it happening.

Most of us have seen this method at some point in our lives. The trouble with this method is that it doesn’t really hold you to account. It doesn’t really get down to the nitty gritty. It also sets a future outcome eg using the weight loss example again ‘By July 3rd 2015, I will have lost 12 pounds in weight’.

So with this method the future outcome becomes something I may get around to at some point in the future. Also it sounds like a lot of work and may become quite boring and not really inspiring. Do you agree?

So the formula I go by is called SMART. What does this stand for?

In the next post I will reveal the exact formula. When you study this keep an open mind and you may surprise youself!

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