Don’t Chase The Next ‘Big Thing’ – Focus on The Success You Desire!

Even with all the guidance and advice you may receive throughout your life, sometimes you will lose your focus. This is because you may become distracted by life or in-patience.

This in-patience may cause you to lose your focus because you lose faith in whatever approach you have been using. You may then find yourself going after the next big thing you see and think this will provide the answer on how to become successful for you.

That is until you once again become in-patient with that approach.

Realise this, until you focus and take action the success you desire will continue to evade you!

Try this: Focus on a goal you’ve put off. Find a place to sit in silence and listen to your spirit, to the inner self and quietly whisper this desire.

Now focus on the essence of this goal.

If you want a new job, maybe the core of your goal is a new challenge. If you want a relationship, maybe at the core you are looking for love.

As you sit in silence, feel the essence of your desire. Feel the reality of that desire emanating from the Spirit that resides within you. Feel the power within you that is connected to the success you desire.
You will find a new calm and a new power. You will feel a new clarity as you become your goal, and your experiences start to reflect this calm, clear power.

Practice using this gentle voice to create your new reality.

Once you have this new found clarity (this may take some practice) get excited. Whatever excites you most in your life naturally carries with it all you need to establish that thing in your life.

Simply acting on your excitement starts to create opportunities. Being excited about things helps your inner self to understand what it is that you desire and then manifest those desires for you.

So focus on the joy you feel when you think about what it is that excites you.

Be intentional and take actions toward whatever it is as nobody will offer you the answer on a plate!

Practice paying attention to your desires. All you have to do is pay attention. This attention and focus will expand the reality of that desire in your life.

Understand that true, absolute attention rests within your heart. It rests within your Spirit. It is free of all outside distractions and lies within your feelings rather than your thoughts.

Paying attention allows you not only to sense, but to create, a new reality, no matter what is happening in your life right now.


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My Name is Richard Williams. I'm a Registered Nurse in Mental Health by profession. I have also developed a model for change and personal transformation and this is the basis of my blog.

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