How Safe Are You From Your Own Mind?

There is just so much trouble and so much pain that we go through just because we take ourselves too seriously, we listen to the little voice in our heads and we forget to live the moment (which is ultimately all that we have), always fretting about the past and how we miss it or how we cannot change it, always fearing the future that never comes.

You may have been sleeping for most of your life and it’s surprising just how much you miss what is going on around you now! No one else on this planet can do this for you; it is up to you to manifest the change you desire! Sometimes what you require is an A-Z road map for life. Ask yourself – are you aware every single day of your life? Do you know how to change your relationship with yourself?

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You can wish for things as long as you like but unless you take action, nothing happens.

Many self help books in the past have encouraged the reader to grasp a theme based on wishful thinking without offering a structured format for the reader to follow in a step by step way. Although the concepts discussed in these books are great examples of what we could achieve if we explored our true potential, they often leave the reader with a feeling of “what do I do next?”, by failing to convey that simply wishing for something does not attract anything other than expectations that lead to disappointment. This is because thoughts must be accompanied by action.

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Do you know how to put this knowledge into action?

So in my opinion, this blog and my email series ‘Manifestation Secrets’ is most likely to help you if:

1) You are having challenges in life and your normal ways of coping are not working.

2) You are wondering what life is all about and are not finding any truly fulfilling answers.

3) And most importantly you are OPEN to looking at life in different ways.

I believe that what I provide is a no nonsense, straightforward approach to personal change and transformation. My email series ‘Manifestation Secrets’ also talks about making positive change. By reading the posts in this blog and following the email series you should find solutions to many of the challenges you experience in your eco-system and through the process of manifesting real and permanent change into your life. Including:

Relationship problems and/or break–ups; By following the step by step format of this blog and taking action you should be able to let go of blame, anger, resentment and bitterness associated with this challenge

Lacking Confidence; Practicing the exercises you should be able to increase your self confidence and enable yourself to take action on personal change and success

Worry about the future; You should be able to understand that predicted future outcomes you may fear have not even happened and may never happened in the way you think they will. You should enable yourself to learn to deal with things as they unfold and enjoy the present moment

Money Worries; Understand that ultimately it is you who has the power to change you financial situation. You can change your job, start your own business take control of your debts without focusing on them and worrying about them. Nobody else on the planet can do this for you it’s time to empower yourself

Health Worries; Realise that you can change your current state of health, whether that is to lose weight, quit smoking, start an exercise regime or simply taking control of any other health problem by letting it into your life and getting the necessary help to treat any health challenge

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This blog and the email series is less likely to help you, if you:

1. Close yourself off to accepting real and permanent change

2. Are not open to empowering yourself to make positive change

3. Are not willing to take action to make things manifest into your reality

4. Blame others for life challenges you experience

So if you want to read a blog on personal change which is very powerful and follow an email series that is easy to read and to the point. You feel ready to set the foundation for the rest of your life and wish to take solutions from lived experiences as well as from established and proven solutions. Then you should take the time to not only revisit the posts of this blog but also sign up to my email series on the link below and become familiar with the material.

So that you can begin the process of manifesting the life you desire and learn to become more successful. Your future is in your very own hands and your mind is like a runaway train, where you are unconsciously creating a life and manifesting results you don’t like.

Take charge of your future now by changing the way you think, click on the link below and start taking action Today!

>>>>Manifestation Secrets – The 4 Steps to Manifesting your desires! Click Here for Your Free Guide<<<<

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My Name is Richard Williams. I'm a Registered Nurse in Mental Health by profession. I have also developed a model for change and personal transformation and this is the basis of my blog.

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