How to End Fear of Personal Change Once and For All! (Case Study)

Case Study: Michelle

Michelle is a very creative person. She is good at her job but feels that she is limited in how she can express her creative side. Michelle was feeling frustrated by this and wanted help and guidance in exploring new career options so she could feel that she was more successful.

Michelle felt anxious about this, the reason why she had not taken action on this idea. This was causing her challenges in the self, social interaction and community aspects of her eco-system.

Michelle believed that change would be a bad thing, the Little Voice in her head was telling her to stay where she was because change may lead to difficulty for her. Michelle however felt that she had hit a brick wall in her career with her current employer. This led to her finally wanting to ensure that she changed her career direction in order to become more successful.

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In discussion with her personal development coach she identified a specific detailed plan with action steps designed to provide her with the vision for her desired outcome. This was set against a SMART formula. Also her emotions were explored and the emotion associated with her goal (as if she was already experiencing this) was then activated.

Up to this point she built up awareness of her challenge and the steps required to elicit change. Michelle had also begun the process of building her bridge for the eco-system of her limiting self beliefs towards the eco-system of her desired state of being.

An exercise was also completed on her feelings of anxiety and evidence for and against the emotion provided. A more balanced view was then gained and her emotions re-evaluated.

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Finally she was to follow the action plan, take time to reflect on actions taken. Take time to relax herself in mind and body and to continue to examine her thoughts and feelings. All this while following the SMART action plan.
Michelle also identified her Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and analysed these so she could make her weaknesses into strengths and her threats into opportunities.

The result of all this was that she was able to check her emotions associated with the personal change. She found that she was making the action steps easily because this was being done in a step by step manner. She had managed to compile a short list of her potential career moves. Finally she made the leap into her desired career move.

Michelle felt more confident, less anxious about the move and settled into her new role well. Demonstrating that she moved from the eco-system of her previous limiting self beliefs into the new eco-system of her more successful desired state of being.

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