Success Case Study: Scott

Scott is a 17y/o College Student and he lacks confidence. He had originally started to study engineering at his first choice College as he said he wanted to be an Aircraft Engineer. However part way through the course he lost his enthusiasm for this route. This is because he didn’t really want to be an Aircraft Engineer deep down. As a result he couldn’t remain focused on the course content as there was a lot of Mathematics and Physics involved, he doubted that this would lead him to become more successful.

In his spare time he played Bass Guitar in a local rock band and he secretly wanted to be a professional musician. He thought he would face ridicule if he mentioned this to his friends and family.

In the band one of his band mates would tell him he wasn’t good enough to be in the band never mind make it as a professional musician.

Scott had a dream, he even knew of a route that might help him to realise this and to become more successful. He had done some research and discovered an Institute of Modern Music in a nearby City. He felt if only he could manage to get on their Diploma course he would be able to tap into the contacts they had in the music industry.

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He set an intention and had a vision in his mind, attached to this was an emotion. His Auntie set him up with an audition with the Institute but he didn’t feel he was ready. He decided at this point he needed personal development coaching.

Now prior to any personal development coaching note he set himself an intention, a vision and an emotion attached to these. From this there was a cause and effect of his auntie setting him up with an audition and his father setting him up with coaching.

Now Scott could easily have dismissed the coaching idea and also not taken any action on the coaching. But he did practice everyday because the audition was only 8 days from when his Auntie booked it in. His initial efforts were in need of some improvement if he was to stand any chance of success. So He also responded well to the coaching.

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On the day he went to the audition having trained himself hard, he was of course nervous about it. He had heard it was difficult to get into the institute and so he had initially doubted he would pass but he went with the attitude that he had nothing to lose.

He sat the audition in front of a professional Bass player. This guy had sessioned with a few famous bands and was in a well known band of his own. Scott passed the audition and managed to secure himself a place at the institute successfully.

Scott  had a vision, he attached an emotion to it, there was a cause and effect in terms of the audition being booked and personal development coaching put in place. He took action on the coaching and allowed the changes that were necessary for his development to take effect. He let go of any confidence issues which had bothered him in the past. He had nurtured his dream and it came true, proving that dreams can come true, especially when you accompany them with specific actions!

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Mind Power



How does your mind work in helping you to become more successful?

If you asked most people this question they will most likely give answers such as; it is for processing information, it is responsible for thinking, it stores information. The mind has been the subject of study for as long as their have been thinkers. But what exactly is it and how can it help you to become more successful and manifest your desired state of being into your physical reality?

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Sigmund Freud, a famous Austrian Psychologist who was one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th Century, proposed that there are 3 parts of the mind. For most people this maybe a concept which is hard to understand and I don’t want to over complicate matters here.

So I will work on the basis that there are 3 parts of the mind according to Freud. The three parts in this section will be described as:

1. The Conscious mind: This is where day to experiences are processed and the conscious mind responds as and when information is presented at that time. This responds best to experiences that happen now.

2. The Subconscious Mind: This part of the mind has stored information which can easily be accessed to inform the conscious mind. This responds best to a deeper level of thinking.

3. The Unconscious Mind: Deeper than either of the above and largely inaccessible by the conscious mind. This responds best to Imagination, emotions and dreams.

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Imagine the mind like an iceberg. With an iceberg you can see the tip of it on the surface of the water. This part of the iceberg is like the conscious mind. Most of the iceberg however is deep beneath the surface of the water and is much bigger than what can be seen on the surface. The larger part of the iceberg then is like the subconscious and unconscious mind. So from this example you can see that the subconscious and unconscious takes up more room than does the conscious mind.

Usually when you here the little voice in your head trying to talk you out of changing this is the conscious mind communicating with you based on the current situation. This part of the mind is attempting to communicate that change is bad and you remain as you are.

The deeper part of your mind is harder to access but you can activate it. Why would you want to do this? Because the deeper part of your mind has stored away information from your past. This bubbles to the surface and informs your conscious mind. So if you want to change and make this permanent change so that you become more successful you have to attempt to first of all influence your unconscious mind. So how is this achieved?

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The unconscious mind responds best to imagination, emotion and dreams. To make changes in your thought patterns and therefore emotions and behaviour you must influence this part of your mind.

The way to do this is by active dreaming. We have spoken in previous posts of this blog, about goals, visualisation etc. Well understanding how you can influence the deeper part of you to change the direction of your life is quite an important step. The way to dream like this is to simply vividly imagine your desired state of being as if it were already a reality. Next attach an emotion to it and really feel it, really tap into the emotion of how you will feel when you have actually manifested your own reality.

The idea behind this is that this will feed into your conscious mind and inform it that this is the direction you are now moving in. Can you see the power of how this could work for you? Then you should practice this at least twice a day, preferably just before sleep and just on awakening. This is because your mind processes information while you sleep and you want to feed it information to process.

Other ways of influencing your unconscious mind include hypnosis. This is just an altered state of consciousness. Have you ever been driving a car and suddenly had a realisation that you can’t remember that last couple of miles of a journey? This is because you were in an altered state of consciousness. Anything said to you that you don’t consciously take on board during this time will be processed by your unconscious mind, whether you think it will or not.

This is why hypnosis is so good at accessing this part of your mind with subtle suggestions while you are in an altered state of consciousness. Can you see the power of how this might work?

With this information you can now move forward on your journey by putting into practice the techniques and support resources discussed throughout this blog and in my email series ‘Manifestation Secrets’. Together with your enhanced awareness you can move into the eco-system of your desired state of being!

So start the process of Manifesting real and permanent change into your life by clicking on the link below:

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Let Go!

Do you ever keep hold of thoughts and emotions relating to past events? If so you’re not on your own. Many of us have had experiences in the past which we are allowing to have a direct cause and effect on our lives now. Do you think I have always been in a position to allow myself to let go of attachments to past hurts, disappointments etc? NO! Just like you I have at times in my past allowed myself to feel attached to emotions of my own past.

What causes people to remain attached to the past?

People experience things differently. We may have been turned down for a dream job, you may have experienced the rejection of a relationship ending and the grief that comes with this loss, there might have been a time when you had an illness and this still causes you anxiety now. Whatever your individual experience you still hold onto emotions from the past. This could be because; you worry about your future health, worry that in a relationship you will always be rejected, worry that you are not good enough to make the grade when choosing a new job or starting a business.

It is this worry that informs your conscious mind that staying with the current status quo is the right thing to do and provides you with a security that you perceive. This despite the fact you are not really happy with the current situation and you have a desire to make change.

Letting go is really about allowing yourself to be happy now. Many of us really just want to be happy in life. If you say I want a better paying job, then what you are really saying is that a better paid job will make me happy. In this case you are hoping for happiness at some undefined point in the future.

The thing is though, that to be happy in the future you really have to be happy now. In a previous post I spoke of gratitude. In that post I provided an exercise you can do to find reasons to be happy now with what you have. By being happy now you will attract more happiness and therefore manifest more reasons to remain happy.

In letting go just acknowledge what has happened in the past. Now that it has happened and you have acknowledged it without judgement and possibly learned from the experience, what further use is this past experience? None! Look at what you already have now, understand there are plenty of reasons to be happy now. You will find more opportunities for future happiness, they will come your way whatever it is you desire. Then you will notice that you managed to let go of any attachment to a past experience that you were allowing to stop you from being happy now.

In terms of future worry deal with things as and when they unfold. If you worry about a future thing you are predicting  a future outcome which may not even happen. Then you are trying to create a future where that worry exists even though it hasn’t yet manifested. Let it go, deal with things at the time and enjoy the present moment or you may miss out on it!

So to let go of attachment, allow happiness in and enjoy the present with one eye on the future in terms of planning your goals to allow yourself the conditions to manifest your desired state.

Recommended Resource: ‘Think Happy Now’ by Dr Steve G Jones – Click Here to Access Information

Following Your Gut Reaction

Have you ever had a feeling that you should go ahead and do something, even though your head says “no”? Later you wish you had followed your ‘gut feeling’. Don’t you think there’s something in this?

So are we right to follow our instincts when deciding on our goals?

The answer may surprise you. According to researchers at Canada’s University of Alberta, following your gut reaction is often the right thing to do. This is the subconscious mind making decisions about objects within our environment. It based on a survival instinct and these feelings in the past were based in physical needs.

In previous posts I have discussed interacting within an Eco-system. When looking to manifest positive change in our lives we have to look at where we are now and where it is we want to be. Often you will get a gut feeling about where it is you want to be. You then want to move into a different Eco-system of your desired state of being.

Should you follow the gut reaction and attempt to move into the Eco-system of your desired change?

according to researchers our first decision is often the best. This is your subconscious mind speaking to you. Your conscious mind may say “no don’t do that, you might fail and then look foolish”. Your conscious mind is comfortable with where you are now and doesn’t want this perceived security to be compromised.

But you have made decisions in the past based solely on your instinct. Take some time to reflect on this. You have had a feeling about something, you have then realised you can have this. Once you have made this decision you went ahead and manifested it into your reality. Think about it for about 5 minutes.

So could you recall a time when this happened? Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Whether that was to change jobs, end a relationship, move home or whatever it may have been at the time – you had a gut feeling about it, decided you could have it and then manifested it into your reality.

So now when considering to move towards the Eco-system of your desired change you may get a gut feeling about it. Don’t be afraid about this see where it may take you in making positive change permanent.

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Who Is the Creator of Your Reality?

When considering this question, many would immediately start to think of all the possibilities that have contributed to the creation of their reality. Some may say that God is the creator, others still may say the Government or other figures of authority. There are those who when considering this may say they have been shaped from childhood and this has created their present reality.

So who is the creator of your reality?

In short you are! You are the creator of everything in your life today. You have created all of your own reality through your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs. It is true that through childhood you were shaped by parents and other family influences, figures of authority like teachers etc. As a child you may have been told to be respectful of authority figures, you may have been told that you can only get to a certain level in life and you have to accept your ‘lot’.

As I have already mentioned in a previous post you have the ability to shake off these old beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You can access programmes that help you to do this such as Hypnotherapy. So you can change the present situation and create/manifest the reality of your choosing.

Also when you consider that you are a part of the Universe and nature and that these are within your eco-system you can begin to understand the power of what I am talking about. You interact with nature and the environment, and all of this is part of the Universe. You are made up of the same building blocks that created the Universe. So you are naturally aligned with this mighty force.

Your thoughts themselves cause emotions and the emotion is energy released from you which then interacts with the Universe. This cause and effect shapes your reality. So you must look to change any negative thought patterns you have developed and become aware of the forces in your life.

When you develop awareness and understanding you can begin to change the way you think about any given situation, this in turn will change the way you feel and of course your behaviours/interactions. When you do this you can consciously create your own reality. So far you have been unconsciously creating your reality – are you satisfied with the results you have so far manifested into your reality?

If not it is time to make a stand, take responsibility for who you are, what you desire as an outcome and reach for the stars! Read some of my past posts on changing your thoughts/feelings, look at behaviours in another post and other recommended support resources I have discussed so far. If you feel that for this to make sense you have to re-read some of the information then go ahead and do so. You will find that eventually you may experience a shift in your attitude.

When this happens you may also begin to notice that you are being pulled towards your desired state of being, whether that is to lose some weight, become more confident, improve low self esteem, start a relationship or get a new occupation. When this occurs change happens much faster.

So I would like you to take from this post, that it is you who is the creator, you have the power to change, your are powerful in manifesting change into your life!

Recommended Resource: ‘Life’s Missing Instuction Manual’ by Dr Joe Vitale – Click Here

What is Your Motivation?

When thinking about change we have to discuss exactly what it is that motivates you to achieve your desired state and manifest your new reality. So What motivates you?

Motivation is a theoretical concept which is used to explain our behaviour. Psychologists have had many theories of motivation such as Abraham Maslow who believed that individuals had physiological and psychological need. Maslow developed a model called the hierachy of need to try to explain this.

Your motivation may depend on what your desired state of being is. You may wish to lose weight, quit smoking, start a new relationship, get a new job or start a business. Whatever your desired state of being is and whatever you desire to manifest, you will have a motivation. Using the weight loss example this motivation might be to be more confident, more attractive. You may also want to reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes or a stroke, so whatever you desire is there is going to be a driver.

So what drives you?

Remember in an earlier post I spoke about eco-systems. Currently you are operating and interacting within the eco-system of your current state of being. You have been conditioned over a long period of time to stay within that eco-system. But what is keeping here? Reward! The reward for staying within the eco-system of your current state of being is security. You may see change as hard to do, you might feel that you will fail and that this will be a source of embarrassment for you. So you feel safe and secure.

Despite this you still have a desire to manifest change, in the weight loss example you may wish to lose 2 stones. So now you can see the eco-system of your desired state of being coming into close proximity and this causes a tension inside you or an eco-tone. This is because you are not there yet, you may not know fully how to get there. But you have laid foundations to build a bridge (self awareness etc). You have also started to build the support resources supporting your journey (Changing thought prcesses and attitudes etc).

So now you can see the way is open to you and you can cross your bridge and enter the eco-system of your desired state of being. At first you have to push yourself towards it, this can feel like hard work. This is especially so when you confront an obstacle, remember in a previous post we covered this. You have to find the will power to push through the obstacle using the support resource to help you. But along the journey there comes a time when the desire becomes so strong, you feel you have to get there no matter what! You can now clearly see the eco-system of your desired state and you find that almost magnetically you are being pulled towards you desired state of being and you are not pushing any more. Pull motivation is much stronger as you seem to almost effortlessly get to your desired state and manifest your new reality.

Once there you want to make this change permanent, what are your rewards? In the weight loss example you may feel more attractive, you may feel healthier, more confident. You must now condition yourself to this new state of being to make this change permanent.

So very briefly then, we have discussed an overview of motivation. There is motivation which can be seen as a physical need or a psychological one. You have been conditioned but still desire change. You have been rewarded with security but you want the rewards of your desired state of being. You may have to push yourself but then along the journey eventually you feel pulled towards your desired state of being, until you arrive there. You then have to make change permanent through further conditioning and reward.

Hope this post helped to explain your motivation and how this maybe working both for and against you.

Recommended Resource: ‘Master My Goals’ by Dr Steve G Jones – Click Here

Rhonda Byrne, The Secret & Gratitude

Gratitude is a concept which is often misunderstood. There is a couple of ways of looking at the subject of gratitude in manifesting your desires. Firstly the true meaning of the word being thankful for things. The other is a feeling of fulfillment when you think about those things. So let’s break it down.

Being thankful. So we will take a look at this definition first, to manifest your desires quicker it is said you have to be grateful for them. How is this achieved? Generally speaking you really have to practice gratitude in order to manifest into your life more things to be grateful for. You could try a couple of exercises.

First, Every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep, think of things you are grateful for. Imagine around 5 things as we don’t want to make this labour intensive as this should be something that makes you feel good. Next now that you are thinking of these things in your life how do you feel about them? Really get in touch with the emotion of it. These things should be making you feel good!

Second, write up a list of all things you have had in your life as far back as you can remember along with all things you currently have in your life that you feel grateful for. These could be family, your home, where you live, your health the list is endless if you want it to be. When you write these things down, how do you feel about them? Again this should give you a good feeling inside.

You could then practice the 5 items morning and night. You could also practice re-writing your list regularly but also read it daily to remind you of all the things in your life that you are happy with, feel thankful for etc. Once again when you do these exercises really get in touch with the emotion, you should get a good feeling whenever you do these exercises.

If you are thankful for everything in your life you are much more likely to manifest your desired state of being. Particularly when you visualise it and you really get in touch with the emotion as if you already had that which you are manifesting.

So from this post today you can take gratitude as an important support resource on your journey to manifesting your desired state of being.

Rhonda Bryne is a great advocate of Gratitude in her book ‘The Secret’ – Click Here to discover more

Have a Little Faith

For many setting off on a journey of permanent change can be a daunting one to make. Why? Well because you will leave perceived relative safety of your current state of being. Ask yourself; is it ok to accept the current state? If the answer is no, then it is up to you to change the situation.

What do I mean when I talk about having faith?

Do you think I mean religion? Well…no not really, although if you do have faith in a religion it may help you on your journey. However you don’t have to be religious – so don’t worry! The kind of faith I am talking about here relates to faith in yourself, your determination to manifest your desired outcome, faith in your ability and in your goals.

But don’t worry, because You have the support resources contained within the posts of this blog to fall back on.
So by now you should have been having some success with changing your thought processes. You may even have tried the recommended resource of Hypnotherapy. This should be having the effect of changing your attitude towards the change you wish to manifest into your life. If you haven’t done this by now – go ahead and give it a try!

To manifest the change you desire into your life you should have to have begun the process of changing your thought processes and therefore attitude towards the change you wish to manifest. The reason from this is because many people suffer from lack of confidence, low self esteem, social anxiety, distraction and many other problems. It is important to attempt to eliminate these from your life. You must believe in yourself and your goals in order to be able to achieve them. When you have this self belief you develop faith. Faith that you will manifest the desired change into your life.

Ignore what you may have been told by figures of authority as a child about what you can and cannot do in life. You are an adult now and you are in control of your destiny. Take a little time to change your thought processes, get clear on what you desire and practice the principles of the support resources so you can manifest your desired state of being, move forward on your journey and Have Some Faith!

Recommended Resource: Creating a Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw – Click Here

Now You have to ALLOW Change

What do I mean by that, you have to allow change? Often we as humans can become so bogged down with life, so distracted by day to day things that we either lose focus and go off track. Or we are subjected to ‘Nay-Sayers’ who try to tell us that we cannot achieve that which we have set out to do. The latter can cause us to feel down in the dumps and beaten. With this comes a resistance inside us to our own positive change.

What do you think might happen if this was to occur inside of you?

We turn around and very quickly scurry back to our former state of being, here we might feel safe. That said you will have denied yourself the experience of manifesting your desired state of being. How will you feel when you realise that you have returned to your former state of being?

I guess you may feel defeated, you may blame others, you may feel you had false hope. The reality is though that you are responsible for your own change and personal transformation. It is you who is going to manifest this change into your life and it is you who will fail if you decide to turn around to your former state.

What am I saying here?

Well you have to allow change to happen if you want it manifest change and personal transformation into your life! You have to be open to change, be willing to take whatever action steps are necessary to get you there. Be open to any opportunity so that you can recognise it when it presents itself to you. You have to access the support resources we have discussed in other posts on this Blog. Once you have accessed them you have to practice them daily, success cannot be guaranteed if you don’t. You have to take action in moving forward.

If you know there will be people who disapprove of what you are doing, don’t tell them until you are there and you have completed your journey and manifested your desired state of being. When you do all of this you will find that you begin to allow change to happen and gradually you may begin to notice results.

How fast will these results have occurred had you not taken the necessary steps?

I would think not very fast at all, assuming you started the journey in the first place!

So in this post today your support resource is – ALLOW CHANGE TO HAPPEN!

Recommended Resource: ‘Manifestation Secrets’ email series – Click Here


The Power of Dreaming

We all have dreams, hopes and things we wish to accomplish in life. Sadly we don’t always have a way we can see of getting to where we desire to be. As adults we are told that we need to get real, stop dreaming and take our heads out of the clouds. Even some of the closest people to us will share these views.

But ask yourself a question. How did we get electricity? What about TV, telephones, computers and the Internet? It all started from someone nurturing a dream they had. Yes they failed on many occasions but this didn’t stop them from reaching for their dreams.

There is a power in dreaming.

We have spoken about setting intentions, setting goals and being able to visualise the state of being we desire. Whether that state is to lose weight, quit smoking, start a business, change career or start a new relationship. You see what you are actually doing there is dreaming. So when you have a dream, nurture it, feel it and have faith in yourself and your dreams!

To do this you have to clearly identify what it is you desire. Really have a clear idea of what it will look and feel like when you have attained it. You have to remind yourself on a daily basis and preferably a couple of times a day. You must identify the motivation for this change and ask yourself how much you actually desire this change. You could create a dream board. You can do this by having a dedicated notice board with pictures of what your desired looks like to you. You could even just put this onto your PC as a screen saver. Have pictures around your home in places where you will see them regularly.

Also use the techniques on getting clear, relaxation and problem solving to remove you negative thoughts that may creep in from time to time. Stay focused on the journey and before you know where you are you will be living in the Eco-system of your desired state of being. If you experience low self esteem, lack confidence, have social anxiety or still have doubts, you can change the way you feel by changing your thought processes.

One way of achieving this is through hypnotherapy, like this program – click here Overall remain faithful to your dream, stay focused and nurture your dreams!

Recommended Resource: ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle – Click Here