What do you think Health is?

You have noticed that I have called this site ‘Health Unchained’, but what do I mean by this? Why health? and what is health anyway?

Well first of all let’s tackle the question ‘Why Health?’. The way I see it health is a holistic thing. It affects everything we do in life no matter what that is there is an interaction within the eco-system within your health. So I see that health as a state of being at any one point in time we are in a state of being or a state of health. If we feel sad or happy, if we are interacting with others, when we are are contemplating change. All of these has an effect on our health state or state of being.

So why Health Unchained? The phrase unchained to me means empowered, so in this context it really means that you can empower yourself to move to any state of being you desire. You can actually lose the chains that shackle you and be free to lead the life you desire and make the changes you desire permanent.

What is health? What does it mean to you? To some this means a physical state but think about it for a minute. Just what does it mean and what exactly is it?

To me health is holistic. First there is Biological/physical health, the organ systems of the body, cells, atoms chemicals etc. Then there is Psychological health, the way you think and your emotions. You can also consider Social health, this means your interactions with others and your environment, the wider environment of nature and the Universe. Do you struggle with money? This is economic/financial health which would include your own personal finances, and economic systems in which you interact. You can also understand that there is spiritual health that is the life force, soul, beliefs etc.

So that would then be Biological, Psychological, Social, Economic and spiritual health or Bio Psycho Socio-Economic & Spiritual health. All these parts of health are interacting with each other and have a cause and effect on your state of being. So I see health as a wider construct which we should really acknowledge and once you have the tools and knowledge you can begin to improve your ‘Health’. So for example if you wanted to lose weight, you must prepare for change psychologically first and get clear on exactly what you desire. Then you start the process of preparing yourself physically. Once done you begin to think about budgeting for the change with whatever resources you will require. You may contemplate about how you will seem to others.

That’s all for this post but I hope it all makes sense to you. Stay healthy!

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So now you should have a list of all the things that you desire and wish to manifest into your reality.  What will you do with this list? Well by now you should have noticed something as you were writing down your list items. What was it that you noticed?

Writing stuff down creates movement in the mind, so what should have happened is that you began to see the desired outcome. Not just that though, you should also have been able to feel it too. Did you notice that?

Health is a great thing, and this should give you a good feeling, a warm glow and hope that your desired outcome will be achieved. But before all that you should consider that now you have committed your desires in writing, almost a contract with yourself, that you have now cleared your mind and given yourself purpose and direction. That is of course if you choose to act upon your desires, after all we all have free will. You can choose to act upon these desires and as a result live the experience. You could also choose not to act upon them and deny yourself the experience.

Going back to our eco-systems then what you have effectively done now by writing down your desires is bring into view a clear vision of what it is you want. Bear in mind that you are not there yet so this may cause a longing for what you don’t yet have, an eco-tone. So now you must begin to prepare the way and to do this you will need resources.

Imagine now though that you are on your eco-system and you can clearly see the eco-system of your desired state of being.  But separating you from your desired state is an obstacle, let’s say a body of water. The water has currents, there are rocks in the water. You could just jump into the cruel waters of transition and try to swim across. You may make it worse for wear or (more likely) you will be overwhelmed by the current and swept back onto the shores of the eco-system you just left – feeling a lot worse.

Over the coming posts I will be talking about health, preparation and making the journey.

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Get Clear!

In the last post I discussed Eco-systems theory as the basis to our overall state of being. I mentioned that when you desire something but haven’t yet manifested this desire into reality a tension occurs deep inside you. You want that desired state so badly but don’t yet have it and yet it can seen as another Eco-system coming into close proximity which creates this tension.

In today’s post I will discuss the steps you should consider when considering change. Firstly exactly what is it you desire? It might be to shift some extra pounds, quit smoking, start a new relationship or get a better paid job. But you really ought to have a very clear picture in mind of exactly what that will look like when you have manifested it into your reality.

So how could you get this clear picture?

Well what I would suggest is you start to make a list of all the desired States you would like to manifest. Be creative with your list and don’t let the voice inside your head rule you. Simply go with your gut feeling on this. Also allow yourself to imagine any possibility no matter how unrealistic it seems at first.

So your task between now and my next post is get clear. Go grab yourself a pen and notepad and start crafting your new life and manifestation list. Spend no more than 15-20 minutes on it. When you have finished writing it up, put it aside for 24 hours and then read it back to yourself.

Now you read it back you should be clearer on which of the list items you want to discard and the ones you would like to keep.

Next beside each item put a percentage for how much you would like to attain this desired state – 0-100%. Obviously the higher the percentage the more motivated you are to achieve this.

That’s all for today. Go ahead and get creating your  manifestation shortlist today….do it now!

EcosystemDiagrammatic representation of an eco-system.

Your journey begins!

So where do you begin? The way I see any particular state of being is in terms of an Eco-system. Researchers have developed many theories around making personal change and transformation. We will not go into detail about these today though.

What I will say is that those researchers have developed models of change. The one that really stands out for me is Eco-systems theory.

The theory is taken from ecology and applied to the person. Each of us interacts within our own Eco-system. Each Eco-system is multi-layered and consists of ourselves ( state of health, thoughts, emotions and behaviours etc).

Then other layers include, our social circle (friends, family etc). Moving up to the place in which interaction occurs within our social layer. Theses areas are known as the micro system.

Other layers include the wider structures and institutions of our communities. And the wider structures and institutions of wider society.

I know this sounds a bit complex. However I see that we have potential for more than one Eco-system. In our minds we can see other desired States that we would like to be interacting within.

We can see these other Eco-systems but we have not managed to manifest them into our reality. When one Eco-system comes in close proximity to another this creates a tension known in ecology as an Eco-tone.

In our own Eco-system this creates a tension within ourselves. In my next post I will be explaining how we  can begin to manifest the desired state by looking at how we deal with the Eco-tone.

me3Richard Williams


Who am I and why do I want to write this blog?

Are you confused and frustrated about therapy or programmes for losing weight, reducing stress, increasing confidence, lowering anxiety, relationships etc?

Wanting to make this your year for weight loss?

Are you uncertain about how or where to begin changing destructive behaviours that maintain your current state of being or how to plan for happiness?

Are you getting different opinions that confuse you?

Well – you’re not alone!

I see people in everyday who can’t find the answers they are looking for, answers that might mean that they feel better about many of life’s problems.

The answers may be simpler than you think.

My name is Richard Williams and I’m a Registered Nurse in Mental Health. I have 20 years of experience working in mental health settings. I’m now an Independent Nurse Therapist, a consultant, Director of Richard Williams Consultant Ltd and creator of Health Unchained.

I have worked in clinics and worked with people who have many problems. Whether they experience low self-esteem due to not being their ideal weight, or whether they have had relationship problems in the past causing them anxiety and stress now, I have noticed they all want one thing.

Can you imagine what that might be?

They like all of us want to be happy, that’s it! We all want to be happy really, if I’m thinking “How can I get rid of those love handles?” what I’m really saying is “If I could lose weight I’d be happy”. If I’m thinking “I want to find my ideal woman” what I’m really saying is “If I could find the ideal relationship I’d be happy”, therefore happiness is the one ‘state of being’ we all crave. But we haven’t even realised that to be happy tomorrow or at some undefined point in the future we really need to be happy right now!

In my practice I work with people to help them to realise this and to empower them to move towards a desired state of being.

As you can probably imagine I get a great deal of satisfaction from this work. I am however frustrated, “but how can this be?” you may be asking “How can you be frustrated with your work?”.

Well I get frustrated because I can only help one person at a time. I decided that I wanted to use what I do in practice and put it into a blog. This way I may be able to help many people at the same time not one on one but one on hundreds and who knows maybe even thousands and in so doing creating more happiness and change on a wider scale, perhaps more people could then live in a happier state of being. I know that I can help by imparting the years of my skills and knowledge as well as sign posting readers to solutions elsewhere which may be beneficial to helping a person attain a desired state of being.

So really I am writing this blog to give readers the benefit of my expertise and help you to find the answers to such burning questions as; how can I be fitter? How can I be slimmer? etc. In helping you to answer questions like these I hope to guide you the reader towards your desired state of being following a path of least resistance to personal fulfilment!