How to Be Successful….and Change Your Life!

Have you ever asked yourself what success means to you?

It sounds simple but in reality, many people either never ask that question or are unclear of the answer because the idea of true success seems like something too unrealistic to achieve.

Realise this, everything that you want out of life, you want because you feel it will bring you success and happiness. Be it wealth, health, relationships, love, abundance or anything else, the reason why you desire these things is because they represent success & happiness to you.

The other reason you may make a decision or desire something is to avoid consequence or pain.

For example, you can decide to quit smoking or change your eating habits because you think that in doing so you will become healthier, which will increase your chances of successfully living longer and that makes you happy.

The other scenario is that you can make these decisions to avoid the pain or consequence that come with not changing.

In a perfect world, I guess most people would make an equal amount of decisions to achieve success or happiness and to avoid pain.

There are however, some people who base almost all of their decisions on avoiding pain. And for that, they almost never achieve success or happiness.

The sad part is that they don’t even realise it. They think that they are doing everything possible to enrich their lives but they still end up unhappy and feeling unfulfilled.

The reason for this is because subconsciously something is going very wrong for them.

If you feed your subconscious thoughts of what represents pain or consequence and constantly make decisions to avoid those things, you will spend your life achieving your objectives but never gaining true happiness. To be truly successful you need to be happy with yourself.

So that is no way to live life. As cliché as it may sound, we all deserve the best life possible and we all deserve to be happy and successful.