Celebrate The Success You Have!

What you are about to read may seem strange, but it’s true.

This post will focus your mind on the things in your life that you already have. Why would you want to do this?
When we celebrate all we have, we are rewarded by creating more things to celebrate. If you want more friends, celebrate the friends you have. If you want more love, celebrate the love you have. If you want more money, celebrate the money you have.

By focusing your intentions on what you already have, your power to have MORE will be amplified.

As I said – Strange but true.

Know that you have the power to create what you want. Look around and see all the success you have in your life. You’ve created what you have and you can create more. You know how to be more successful – So go and get creative!

Celebrate that you have been given exactly what you want. It is you that has created all the things in your life so far.

You can create exactly the life that you desire and see it manifest into your physical reality. As always you have to add the magic ingredient of action into this too. Only you have the power, you are the creator of your reality.
So celebrate all you have today, all you have created and make this a habit. Realise that when you do this you might witness magic unfold in your very own life.


Richard Williams

Don’t Chase The Next ‘Big Thing’ – Focus on The Success You Desire!

Even with all the guidance and advice you may receive throughout your life, sometimes you will lose your focus. This is because you may become distracted by life or in-patience.

This in-patience may cause you to lose your focus because you lose faith in whatever approach you have been using. You may then find yourself going after the next big thing you see and think this will provide the answer on how to become successful for you.

That is until you once again become in-patient with that approach.

Realise this, until you focus and take action the success you desire will continue to evade you!

Try this: Focus on a goal you’ve put off. Find a place to sit in silence and listen to your spirit, to the inner self and quietly whisper this desire.

Now focus on the essence of this goal.

If you want a new job, maybe the core of your goal is a new challenge. If you want a relationship, maybe at the core you are looking for love.

As you sit in silence, feel the essence of your desire. Feel the reality of that desire emanating from the Spirit that resides within you. Feel the power within you that is connected to the success you desire.
You will find a new calm and a new power. You will feel a new clarity as you become your goal, and your experiences start to reflect this calm, clear power.

Practice using this gentle voice to create your new reality.

Once you have this new found clarity (this may take some practice) get excited. Whatever excites you most in your life naturally carries with it all you need to establish that thing in your life.

Simply acting on your excitement starts to create opportunities. Being excited about things helps your inner self to understand what it is that you desire and then manifest those desires for you.

So focus on the joy you feel when you think about what it is that excites you.

Be intentional and take actions toward whatever it is as nobody will offer you the answer on a plate!

Practice paying attention to your desires. All you have to do is pay attention. This attention and focus will expand the reality of that desire in your life.

Understand that true, absolute attention rests within your heart. It rests within your Spirit. It is free of all outside distractions and lies within your feelings rather than your thoughts.

Paying attention allows you not only to sense, but to create, a new reality, no matter what is happening in your life right now.


Don’t Allow Overwhelm, Get in the Way of Your Success in Personal Change

Mark had been married for 4 years and during the course of the marriage he felt happy and Successful. One day his wife left him with no explanation and he suddenly felt plunged into despair. He began to neglect himself, his diet, personal care and his own drive and motivation. He had sleepless nights thinking about how things could have been different, almost wishing his wife back into his life.

This caused him challenges in the self aspect of his eco-system. His health began to suffer as he was becoming low in mood and anxious. He became lethargic because of a lack of sleep and also he lacked motivation. He was also losing weight unintentionally due to neglecting his diet.

In the social layer of his eco-system he was neglecting other relationships, his wider family, friends and work colleagues. This was because he was beginning to isolate himself socially. He was feeling as though success was evading him.

It soon became clear that his wife wouldn’t be returning this realisation arrived at around the 6 week point. His feeling of despair began to leave him and he began to feel he should be more proactive in helping himself. He began to think of how his life might look if he changed his current state of being.

In sessions Mark was helped to acknowledge that his current thoughts were unhelpful to him. He was encouraged to see a new state of being in the form of a new eco-system coming into view.

He worked on building up self awareness of his emotions. He had always been a dependent person. He saw that his wife was the key to his happiness instead of understanding that to find happiness it should be coming from within himself.

Once this awareness had been established, he began to build his bridge of personal change and transformation to take him to the new eco-system in moving from one state of being to another. He began to put into place the support resources, getting clear on what he desired from the new eco-system. Changing the way he was thinking about happiness and relationships. Taking action on what he desired as change and solving problems that presented themselves along the way.

Once he had concluded his 8 sessions he had built the bridge, supported it and moved successfully into the eco-system of his desired change. Realising that to be happy he had to find happiness from within himself and not from anyone else. This empowered him to rebalance his holistic health or state of being.

How to Be Successful….and Change Your Life!

Have you ever asked yourself what success means to you?

It sounds simple but in reality, many people either never ask that question or are unclear of the answer because the idea of true success seems like something too unrealistic to achieve.

Realise this, everything that you want out of life, you want because you feel it will bring you success and happiness. Be it wealth, health, relationships, love, abundance or anything else, the reason why you desire these things is because they represent success & happiness to you.

The other reason you may make a decision or desire something is to avoid consequence or pain.

For example, you can decide to quit smoking or change your eating habits because you think that in doing so you will become healthier, which will increase your chances of successfully living longer and that makes you happy.

The other scenario is that you can make these decisions to avoid the pain or consequence that come with not changing.

In a perfect world, I guess most people would make an equal amount of decisions to achieve success or happiness and to avoid pain.

There are however, some people who base almost all of their decisions on avoiding pain. And for that, they almost never achieve success or happiness.

The sad part is that they don’t even realise it. They think that they are doing everything possible to enrich their lives but they still end up unhappy and feeling unfulfilled.

The reason for this is because subconsciously something is going very wrong for them.

If you feed your subconscious thoughts of what represents pain or consequence and constantly make decisions to avoid those things, you will spend your life achieving your objectives but never gaining true happiness. To be truly successful you need to be happy with yourself.

So that is no way to live life. As cliché as it may sound, we all deserve the best life possible and we all deserve to be happy and successful.



How to End Fear of Personal Change Once and For All! (Case Study)

Case Study: Michelle

Michelle is a very creative person. She is good at her job but feels that she is limited in how she can express her creative side. Michelle was feeling frustrated by this and wanted help and guidance in exploring new career options so she could feel that she was more successful.

Michelle felt anxious about this, the reason why she had not taken action on this idea. This was causing her challenges in the self, social interaction and community aspects of her eco-system.

Michelle believed that change would be a bad thing, the Little Voice in her head was telling her to stay where she was because change may lead to difficulty for her. Michelle however felt that she had hit a brick wall in her career with her current employer. This led to her finally wanting to ensure that she changed her career direction in order to become more successful.

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In discussion with her personal development coach she identified a specific detailed plan with action steps designed to provide her with the vision for her desired outcome. This was set against a SMART formula. Also her emotions were explored and the emotion associated with her goal (as if she was already experiencing this) was then activated.

Up to this point she built up awareness of her challenge and the steps required to elicit change. Michelle had also begun the process of building her bridge for the eco-system of her limiting self beliefs towards the eco-system of her desired state of being.

An exercise was also completed on her feelings of anxiety and evidence for and against the emotion provided. A more balanced view was then gained and her emotions re-evaluated.

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Finally she was to follow the action plan, take time to reflect on actions taken. Take time to relax herself in mind and body and to continue to examine her thoughts and feelings. All this while following the SMART action plan.
Michelle also identified her Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) and analysed these so she could make her weaknesses into strengths and her threats into opportunities.

The result of all this was that she was able to check her emotions associated with the personal change. She found that she was making the action steps easily because this was being done in a step by step manner. She had managed to compile a short list of her potential career moves. Finally she made the leap into her desired career move.

Michelle felt more confident, less anxious about the move and settled into her new role well. Demonstrating that she moved from the eco-system of her previous limiting self beliefs into the new eco-system of her more successful desired state of being.

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The Zen of Overwhelm & Change

I’m no Zen Master and you will not be a Buddhist by the end of this post, but I’m hoping that this post will give you some tips to find your own calm in a world of change and overwhelm. You can read this post and other posts contained within this blog and follow the principles discussed (you shouldn’t need another resource again) or you can leave this page in your quest for the next big thing (which you may never find) and miss a great opportunity to manifest the change you desire into your life.

So where do you begin and what is change all about anyway? Change is something that has an effect on all of us. Sometimes this can be quite exciting but it can also be anxiety provoking. Many people fear change and see it as a bad thing.

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You are changing all time, the very cells in your body change constantly. As you read the words on this page you open up neural pathways that lead to changes in the way that you think. You family changes as people age, children grow up and this is a constant thing. Your local community isn’t the same as it was say 10 years ago, though you may not notice as these changes they are quite subtle.

The country in which you live is changing, politically and economically. There are economic cycles which affect us all and these are changes which we have to accept into our lives. Nature changes, the environment and weather systems for example. The planet changes in fact even the Universe goes through change.

So as we can see from these examples change is an inevitable part of our lives and we have to live with all this change. From the cradle to the grave you change every second of your life. I hope that by writing this blog I will help you see change in a different way. Not as something to be feared where you are a passive passenger and helpless in the face of change. I hope to help you to understand that you can move into any state that you desire and become active in manifesting positive change into your life.

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You can be creative with this and begin a process. The process of creating your life on purpose and with purpose. So far you have been unconsciously creating a life for yourself but you may have been sleep walking through it. You may not have realised until now that you can become the change you desire.

You don’t have to change at the expense of focusing on the future too much or by worrying about the mistakes of the past. You can become change while enjoying the present moment. Harnessing change to your own advantage and not allowing change to just happen to you.

Now you can allow it in and move forward with it, in your quest for manifesting the state of being you desire. Find your calm in a world of chaos by clicking the link below!

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How To Take Charge of Your Life

Sometimes we all want to become more successful as we become dissatisfied with our current state of being.

Would you describe yourself as often suffering from stress? Have you ever been lying in bed at night with thoughts whizzing around your head. You try to switch off, but can’t and even when you force yourself to stop thinking about one issue, one of a hundred other things come to mind – did I remember to pay that bill?  I’ve got to complete that report by 10am tomorrow, better set off extra early? Oh hell, it’s 2am and I’m still awake – I’m going to be shattered tomorrow!

If you do, this blog and my email series Manifestation Secrets may be for you.

Some people who come across this blog may find themselves being a little skeptical of the entire subject. Being a little skeptical is not a bad thing, as it does allow you to evaluate the information properly on your return visits. For those who haven’t read past posts it would be a good idea to look back at them. This will help to familiarise yourself with the concept that I discuss throughout this blog as well as in my email series Manifestation Secrets.

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Somebody once told me that I could easily have named this blog “How to cope with the crap that life throws at you”. Here you won’t find any of the language normally associated with new age thinking. It’s nothing to do with crystals, healing, and it won’t turn you into a Buddhist! What it aims to do, is separate you from your worries, (Overwhelm, being overweight, relationships etc) so you can think about them calmly and objectively in order for you to become more successful. It aims to do this in a no-nonsense, step by step fashion. You can then develop a formulation to take you from where you are now to your desired state of being.

How does it work?

Effectively the background is based on a theory. This is known as eco-systems theory, it works on the basis that we all interact within our own eco-system. There are other eco-systems we can move into this allows us to move into a desired state of being. Hopefully you can get a vision of the more successful you from this model. You can see the explanation for this in a previous post – Click Here to view it.

I said above this may be good for you as it depends. You need to accept that you’ll need to put some effort into helping yourself and allowing change to happen every day and therefore move towards you being more successful. It’s OK to miss a day, but as with many things, you’ll need to put in the effort for it to become a habit, repetition will help this to become second nature so I recommend that you practice the techniques and principles discussed daily.  Action as always is the magic ingredient in taking you to the success you deserve!

So if,  you are ready to  allow real and lasting change into your life  now, you can simply click on the link below. Take Action Today!

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Can’t Keep Up? 10 Ways to Get Started with Success in Record Time!

Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with information when so much of it is around. We then find ourselves chasing the next shiny object Instead of focusing our efforts on manifesting our desires and becoming more successful. So I compiled this checklist to help you save time.

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Focus on the Good stuff: When you talk about the bad stuff, the bad stuff gets all your attention. If you focus on the good stuff, on all that is right in your world, suddenly that is what you’ll see.

See it & Believe it!: If you’re going to recognize your dreams and have all that you desire, you have to start to visualize. You have to see the success you desire.

Be Thankful: When you show gratitude, even more success will come your way. Your subconscious & Unconscious mind sees you as a happy, positive person who knows how to see all the blessings that have been provided.

Be Happy Now!: I’m about to share a secret, so listen carefully. Feeling happy equals a happy reality. It cannot work the other way around. A happy reality doesn’t come from feeling sad. The happiness you allow into your life the better the chances are of becoming more successful

Double Check Your Guest List: Consider your thoughts as invitations. When you think about something, you invite it in. This is a good thing if your thoughts are about all you want in life. It’s not such a good thing if your thoughts are about what you don’t want.

Trust Your Gut Reaction: When you trust your intuition, you’re sending strong, confident energy out into the world. You’re telling your unconscious mind that you are self-assured and decisive. This will be communicated with your conscious mind as the direction you are now moving in.

Get Excited!: Whatever excites you most in your life naturally carries with it all you need to be successful and manifest that thing you desire into your life. Really tap into the emotion of your desired state.

Silence your Mind: Focus on a goal you’ve put off. Find a place to sit in silence and listen to your inner self, quietly whisper this desire. Now focus on the essence of this goal.

Pay Attention: Practice paying attention to your desires. All you have to do is pay attention. This attention and focus will expand the reality of that desire in your life.

Just Do It!: In order for anything to manifest into your life you must take action, nobody will come to you with a silver platter. You must act, so Just Do It!

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