Taking Action on your Desired Outcome

In my last post I talked about resources you will need in order to make any change permanent. We have discussed the Eco-Systems theory where you interact within one Eco-system but desire to move into a different Eco-system. To do this we discussed building a bridge. A bridge is a structure that crosses an obstacle, this makes the journey quicker and easier to navigate. A bridge gets its strength fro the supporting structures which we will call resources.

We then moved on to discuss what these resources will look like and how they will be vital in supporting your bridge. In the last post I talked about changing your thought processes, thus changing the way you feel about any transition challenge you face. Changing the thought processes like this changes your attitude towards the change you are contemplating. I discussed one possible way to achieve this through hypnotherapy and one expert who could help with this is Dr Steve G Jones.

In this post we are going to be discussing a way of moving your actions towards the state of being that you desire. In this post I am going to talk about something which is commonly referred to as Behavioural Activation. So what behaviour(s) are you going to activate?

This very much depends upon the type of change you are considering. But the principle is the same whatever the change. You see for change to occur you need to take action. Some may think that if you wish hard enough for something that it will just manifest itself into your reality. Thinking and wishing are unfortunately not enough for this to happen. The magic ingredient is action.

So take a large piece of paper and at the top write in the days of the week into columns. Next down the left hand margin write in morning, afternoon & evening. What you should end up with is a week planner. In the boxes you can now write in the actions you will take and when you will take them, this then holds you to account! With the planner you may wish to write a list first and then use the list to inform the planner.

You may be considering a weight loss plan, if so what will the plan be? Will you have to buy something if so when? Will you need to write up a weekly meal plan also to inform your grocery shopping? What day of the week will this take place and when will you do the shopping? If you want quit smoking what are the steps you will take? You may look into purchasing an e-cig, you might cut down on your tobacco intake weekly, if so how this be achieved and when will you start?

So now you can see by organising yourself in this way you can begin to take the steps on your journey to permanent change.

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My Name is Richard Williams. I'm a Registered Nurse in Mental Health by profession. I have also developed a model for change and personal transformation and this is the basis of my blog.

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